Youth religiousness in Poland decreasing: report

The level of trust in the Roman-Catholic Church is falling and the religiousness of young people is decreasing, according to the report of the Catholic News Agency (KAI) “The Church in Poland” presented on Friday.

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“Over the last 25 years, there has been a decrease in declarations of faith in God among young people of approximately 20 percent and a decrease in religious practices by as much as 50 percent. This is a new phenomenon, which can be called a ‘disturbance of the intergenerational transmission of faith.’ The percentage of deeply religious young people rose from 6 to 8 percent even though they are a small minority,” the report reads.

During the presentation of the report, Bishop Grzegorz Suchodolski indicated that “wise evangelisation based on patient accompaniment and pastoral conversion of the entire Church community” might be an antidote for this situation.

Bishop Suchodolski also added that “the question about the religious future of youth is a question about the spiritual condition of adults, priests, catechists and parents, and in particular about the language of faith transmission at home, at catechesis and at the pulpit.”

According to the data of the Institute of Statistics of the Roman-Catholic Church, the percentage of people declaring themselves as deeply religious is only around 11 percent. Women declare themselves religious more often, 14.4 percent declare to be deeply religious and 70.3 percent declare to be religious. Among men there are 7.6 percent deeply religious and 68.8 percent religious.

The report also shows that in Poland there are 33.600 priests, including 24.700 diocesan priests, 8.900 convent priests. Moreover, there are 1.200 convent brothers and approximately 19.000 convent sisters. This is the effect of the generational boom in the times of the papacy of John Paul II, according to the report.