Poles believe their employment situation deteriorates: report

Half of Poles believe that their employment situation is worse now than it was at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the results of a report by the Grupa Pracuj research department showed.

According to the survey called “A year of the new normality. Employees and job candidates on the revolution in the job market,” 14 percent of respondents consider their present situation better. “One can assume that this group includes mostly people from industries that have been less affected by the consequences of the pandemic,” the report reads.

Slightly more than a quarter of those polled admitted that their concerns about the impact of the pandemic on employment are greater now than at the beginning of the “new normality.”

On the other hand, 33 percent say their concerns have decreased, while 40.5 percent declare that their level of uncertainty remained unchanged.

The results reveal that the respondents are also aware of the long-term consequences of the pandemic. As many as 73 percent of respondents believe that, once the situation is under control, the job market will still be affected for several more years, while 37 percent believe that by the end of 2021, the pandemic will be curbed and that most employees will return to the previous way of working.

A total of 1,374 users of the Pracuj.pl website took part in the study which was conducted using the Computer Assisted Web Interview method on February 10-18.