Meet the Polish king of safes

Through his inspiring career, Jan Gałek from Mysłakowice has earned himself abroad the nickname “the king of safes”. He created the most expensive mechanisms in the world, and his works were bought by Paris Hilton, Robin Williams and Karl Lagerfeld. In Poland, he continues his family handicraft traditions.

Jan Gałek learned his craft from his father - a master of woodcarving. However, he became a locksmith. One of his greatest passions were safes - full of secrets, gears and modes.

After returning to Poland, he follows the “safe” path, as he is one of the best specialists in the world. However, Mr Gałek also devotes himself to photography and art. Like his father in the past, today he passes on his knowledge and experience to his son.

What makes Jan Gałek creations extraordinary are the materials he uses. Old windows, hinges, doors or safes thrown away for scrap - all this gets a new life in his workplace. And each of these items has a story to tell.