It lies about Poland’s role in WWII: Holocaust survivor on New Yorkers article

“It is a shame that the editor of the New Yorker allowed it,” said Edward Mosberg, a well-known Holocaust survivor, commenting on the recent article by Masha Gessen. The author falsely blamed Poles for being responsible for “killing three million Jews” and accused the Polish government of whitewashing the country’s history.

“Half of the article is not about the Holocaust itself,” said Mr Mosberg, “the beginning of the article talks about an author, Jan Tomasz Gross, who said that Poles killed more Jews than the Germans did during the war. This is a lie. I was born in Poland and I’ve survived the Holocaust.”

Mr Mosberg talked about his personal experience of World War II and the Nazi German concentration camps in which he lost almost all of his family.

“The Poles had nothing to do with that. We can not accuse Poland or its government of collaboration with the Germans because, at that time, there was no government in Poland. Whereas most European countries collaborated with the Germans,” said Mr Mosberg.

Mr Mosberg emphasised that the New Yorker’s article contains lies about Poland’s role in WWII.

“The responsibility for all that happened can not be attributed to Polish society,” he said.

Mr Mosberg also expressed the opinion that the German government should pay damages to Poland for all that happened during the war.

The article in the weekly magazine “The New Yorker”, claiming that Poland bears responsibility, as a nation and as a state, for the murder of its three million Jews during the Holocaust, has stirred up emotions in Poland. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish Embassy in the US have reacted strongly against the assertions put forward in the article.

Edward Mosberg is a well-known activist, a Holocaust Survivor and a retired real estate developer. His teenage years were spent in the Kraków ghetto, then in the nearby Płaszów concentration camp under the harsh rule of the notorious Amon Göth. Mr Mosberg was subsequently a slave labourer in the Mauthausen-Gusen camp in Austria, and the Hermann Goering factory in Linz.

On May 5, 1945, when the Nazis were on the brink of defeat he and his fellow inmates were about to die in a dynamited cave. The dynamite failed, however, and they lived. Mr Mosberg’s close family, including his parents and sisters, perished in the Holocaust.

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