Discover Blue Whirlpools Nature Reserve

The Blue Whirlpools (Sine Wiry) Nature Reserve, located near Cisna village, south-eastern Poland, covers a 7-kilometre fragment of the gorge valley of Wetlina and Solanka. It is located within the boundaries of the Ciśniańsko-Wetliński Landscape Park and its area is 450ha.

In September 1980, as a result of a great flood, the Połoma slope collapsed, blocking the Wetlina River, resulting in the formation of the Szmaragdowe Jeziorko (the Emerald Lake). Over the years, it has become silted and now is practically non-existent, with just a wide pebble beach left behind.

There are two ways to reach the Blue Whirlpools - one from the road connecting the villages Bukowiec and Dołżyca near Cisna or one from Kalenica.