Gov’t spokesman ‘optimistic’ about new political bloc on European right

I am very optimistic about the possibility of building a new political bloc with the participation of the Poland’s Law and Justice (PiS) party, the Hungarian Fidesz party and the Italian League party, the Polish government’s spokesman Piotr Müller told commercial TV Republika on Tuesday.

Europe needs renaissance of its values: PM Morawiecki

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At the same time, the spokesman assessed that such a grouping would be “a threat” to the European People's Party.

“However, it is necessary to set out the foundation of political agenda, so it is time for us to organise a few meetings to discuss that matter," Mr Müller added.

Speaking about the basics in question, the spokesman stated that they will include ideas such as “sovereign states within the united European Union”, as well as conservative values: family, national identity and individual freedom.

“These are the ideas which, after all, formed the groundwork of the European community (...). Unfortunately, the EU has long forgotten about these values in many areas,” he said..

The Prime Ministers of Poland and Hungary Mateusz Morawiecki and Viktor Orbán, as well as the leader of the Italian League party, Matteo Salvini, announced “cooperation for the renaissance of Europe and its values” after the meeting in Budapest held on April 1.

One of the reasons for holding the meeting was the fact that the Hungarian party Fidesz left the European People’s Party in the European Parliament on March 18. Then, Prime Minister Orbán said that Hungary, Poland and Italy would try to reorganise the European right.

PM Morawiecki stressed that Europe could not be “a dictate of the stronger”. Matteo Salvini expressed his conviction that Poland, Hungary and Italy should “create a common European force that would be able to defend European borders.” Viktor Orbán, on the other hand, listed “freedom, dignity, Christianity, family and national sovereignty” among the common values shared by the three states.