War reparations’ issue will be raised at most appropriate moment: ruling party MP

"I am convinced that the issue of war reparations from Germany will be raised at the most appropriate moment. The Polish state is ready to take action. The report on our war losses is 99 percent ready," MP Arkadiusz Mularczyk from the Law and Justice (PiS), a senior party in the country's ruling coalition, told Polish Press Agency (PAP).

The topic of war reparations has returned in recent days due to the 80th anniversary of Germany's attack on Greece and Yugoslavia. Before this anniversary, the government in Athens again called for negotiations on reparations for war damage. According to the DPA agency, the country's foreign ministry stressed that from the Greek point of view, the issue of reparations was still open.

A discussion on war reparations has been underway for several years in Poland. In the previous term of the Sejm, Mr Mularczyk headed the Parliamentary Reparations Team and prepared a report on Poland's war losses.

When asked about the current situation and the strategy of the Polish side, in terms of war reparations from Germany, he said that "the Polish state is ready to take action". "I think this issue is under scrutiny by both political and governmental authorities. I am confident that this issue will be raised at the most appropriate moment," the PiS MP said.

Mr Mularczyk also said that the report on Polish war losses is 99 percent ready. When asked when it would be presented, he stressed that “the time and place of publication and the start of actions will depend on political decisions.”