Record-breaking COVID-19 death toll a cumulation of Easter figures: Health Ministry

“Thursday's high COVID-19 death toll is partly due to the cumulation of death figures over Easter, which had not been reported daily over the holiday,” the Health Ministry’s spokesman said.

On Thursday Poland recorded 954 Covid deaths, the highest daily count since the start of the epidemic.

"Today's tragic figure of 954 fatalities is partly a result of the cumulation of death figures over the Easter holiday," the ministry spokesperson Wojciech Andrusiewicz said, adding that 100 of the reported deaths occurred on Good Friday, about 130 on Easter Saturday, and a similar number on Easter Sunday.

“954 is a large number, but it also does not fully reflect the last day or the last two days, because most often the current reporting covers 24 to 48 hours and this is the standard," he explained.

He added that the rising death figures were a direct effect of the recent increase in COVID-19 infections.

On Thursday Poland's prime minister appealed for a "responsible" approach to the pandemic and strict adherence to binding sanitary regulations.