Belarus, Ukraine, 3 Seas, NS2 discussed with Blinken’s aide: official

The security of Ukraine and the region in the face of Russia’s activities, the situation of Poles in Belarus, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and the Three Seas Initiative were on the discussion table during a call between presidential aide Krzysztof Szczerski and Derek Chollet, the chief aide of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

Independent and secure Ukraine indispensable part of Europe: FM

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In his tweet, Mr Szczerski described the talk as “comprehensive and fruitful.” Hei told the Polish Press Agency (PAP) that the US was “thoroughly convinced” that the actions taken by Alexander Lukashenko’s regime against the Polish minority in Belarus were “illegal and that the international community should assert democratic rights in Belarus as well as the rights of the Polish minority.”

The official added that Mr Chollet assured that the US would stand up for those rights.

Mr Szczerski went on to say that the stance of Poland and the US was unanimous with regards to the tensions in Ukraine resulting from the movement of the Russian military. Both sides are convinced that “ensuring security and peace could be possible only based on complete respect for international law, the restitution of Ukraine’s full territorial integrity, and the conviction that any action resulting in an escalation in the region is unacceptable.”

The presidential aide said that Poland and the US were on the same page regarding the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, “assessing the project as detrimental to European security and the energy independence of the entire EU [and] the European gas market.” Mr Szczerski said he and Mr Chollet were of a parallel opinion that the completion of Nord Stream 2 “would be detrimental to the European policy and Euroatlantic relations.”

“We also talked at length about the Three Seas Initiative. Against the background of worrying developments in the region, we have got two firm pillars of the Polish-US cooperation, namely NATO and the Three Seas Initiative,” Mr Szczerski said. He stressed that the Three Seas Initiative was “an example of how positive content in transatlantic relations and US-European partnership can be constructed.” He added that “in the minds of the US and Polish administrations, the Three Seas Initiative should play an ever-greater role.”

The discussion also covered President Andrzej Duda’s participation in the forthcoming climate summit convoked by President Joe Biden. The President of the US has already invited President Duda to the summit, which will take place online on Earth Day April 22, which also coincides with the 5th anniversary of the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement. The US rejoined the agreement a couple of hours into President Biden’s tenure.