Architectural studios from around the world want to design film centre in Poland

102 architectural studios from 20 countries want to design the headquarters of the European Film Center Camerimage in Toruń, central Poland. The investment will be one of the largest construction projects in the field of culture in the country. The organisers of the design competition hope that it will become a new visual icon of the city.

The construction of the centre is scheduled for the years 2021-25. The investment is one of the largest construction projects in the field of culture in Poland.

The deadline for submitting applications for admission to the competition has already passed at the end of March. 102 architectural studios from 20 countries around the world submitted their applications, which will now be assessed. The winner of the competition will be revealed at the end of July 2021.

The designs will be assessed by the Competition Jury composed of representatives of the Association of Polish Architects, the Ministry of Culture, the City of Toruń, the Marshal's Office in Toruń, the Camerimage European Film Center and the Tumult Foundation. It’s chairman is Dr Bolesław Stelmach, an outstanding Polish architect, director of the National Institute of Architecture and Town Planning, winner of the 2010 Honorary Award of the Association of Polish Architects.

The criteria taken into consideration are “the attractiveness of the proposed architectural solutions, the functional and utility efficiency and the quality of the proposed premises of the building in the context of their functionality and architectural expression". The new ECFC headquarters is to be located next to the Old Town in Toruń, and the organisers expect it to be "innovative and original in form, however, it must take into account all historical aspects of the Gothic neighborhood".

The construction cost will be PLN 600 million (EUR 132 million), of which PLN 400 million (EUR 88 million) is to come from the government’s Multiannual Development Programme and PLN 200 million (EUR 44 million) from the budget of the City of Toruń.