COVID-19: monthly vaccine deliveries may reach 10 mln doses: Health Min

Monthly supply of vaccines may even reach the level of 10 mln doses of the preparation. Pfizer alone, when it comes to weekly deliveries, will deliver over 850,000, Adam Niedzielski, the Polish Health Minister told Polish public broadcaster TVP.

It is realistic to perform 10 mln COVID-19 vaccinations per month: PM

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The minister said that “the most vital challenge of the Health Ministry is to keep the [COVID-19] pandemic under control.”

“It is about stabilising the situation in hospitals, but at the same time dynamising and accelerating the National Vaccination Programme so that this ... could be a straight path that will be the beginning of the finish,” Mr Niedzielski explained. “We still have a long way to go,” he stressed.

Mr Niedzielski added that so far, the supply of vaccines has been a limitation in the campaign.

“We already have the declared acceleration. Monthly deliveries may even reach the level of 10 mln doses of the preparation,” he announced.

“When it comes to just Pfizer, there will be weekly deliveries of over 850,000 doses. Adding other preparations, this will be a large number,” Mr Niedzielski declared.

The minister emphasised that now it is necessary to expand the infrastructure and prepare for a boost in supplies in the near future.

A total of 7,687,617 people in Poland have been vaccinated so far, including 5,581,068 who have received one dose and 2,106,549 who have been inoculated twice. “Some 3.8 mln Poles aged 60 and over, or nearly 40 percent of senior citizens, have already received at least one dose of a SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus vaccine,” the health minister said.