Commissioning of Polish History Museum in September 2022: dep PM

We expect the building of the Polish History Museum to be commissioned in September 2022. and with the permanent exhibition - in the spring of 2023, Piotr Gliński, a deputy PM and Culture, National Heritage and Sport minister told the Culture Committee of the Senate, the upper house of the Polish parliament.

Construction of Polish History Museum started

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Mr Gliński presented information on the implementation of the Polish History Museum investment during the sitting of the Committee.

“When we came to the ministry at the end of 2015, we considered the construction of the Polish History Museum as one of the main goals to be achieved and the tasks to be implemented,” Mr Gliński said.

“For us, the priority was to build the Polish History Museum. The situation at that time was such that a unclear location on the Citadel was indicated,” the deputy PM added. He pointed out that the construction of the Polish Army Museum was also underway at Warsaw's Citadel.

As he said, the postponement of the investment completion date planned for February 2021 was related to, inter alia, with discrepancies between designers and the general contractor as to the quality of architectural design; and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Referring to the core exhibition, Prof. Gliński explained that it will be presented chronologically through individual epochs. “The main theme is the story of Polish freedom”, he added.

Senators of the Civic Coalition, Jerzy Fedorowicz and Bogdan Zdrojewski, asked about possible disputes concerning the history presented at the exhibition of the museum.

“From the very beginning, this scenario was conducted in such a way that various circles could express their approval. That was my intention,” Robert Kostro, the director of the facility, who has been in this position since the establishment of the Museum in 2006, said.