Cutting-(h)edge shelters: Energy giant helps weakened hedgehogs recover

More than 50 hedgehogs have come back to shape and have been released into the wild thanks to the project which has been carried out for several years by the Tauron energy group.

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Apart from caring for sick individuals, the initiative includes building hedgehog houses to shelter these helpful animals in the time of need.

The initiator of the action “Jeż MegaZwierz” (Polish for “Hedgehog MegaAnimal”) is Tauron's employee, Piotr Gleńsk, who also runs a backyard shelter for hedgehogs. A total of eight animals spent the last winter under his care. Recently, two hedgehogs, which have already regained their full strength, were released into the wild near Rybnik, southern Poland. More convalescents will be released in the coming weeks.

The originators of the campaign aimed to help hedgehogs recall that they are extremely helpful animals. They eat rodents (mice, voles), insect larvae, reptiles, snails (also those without shells), spiders and fallen birds, which may be very useful in keeping the garden in order. Hedgehogs do not suffer from rabies and do not spread it.

Young hedgehogs are usually born at the beginning of May. Before they go out into the world, their mother takes care of them for six weeks. In summer, young hedgehogs often come out of hiding before evening in search of food. In winter, hedgehogs hibernate.