COVID-19: June will see surge in vaccinations: official

“Early June will see a significant surge in coronavirus vaccinations in Poland as vaccine deliveries are expected to be stepped up,” the Head of the Poland’s Government Agency for Strategic Reserves has said.

"I think subsequent records will be broken as increasingly more vaccines arrive in Poland," Michał Kuczmierowski, the head of the Government Agency for Strategic Reserves, told the commercial broadcaster TV Republika on Tuesday.

"We expect that early June will mark a significant surge in the pace of vaccinations," he added.

Mr Kuczmierowski said that Poland had received 6.5 million vaccines in the first quarter of the year, adding that "it is more or less what we are expecting in April alone."

He also pointed out that under an EU deal, Poland had secured 100 million vaccines, which "makes us well prepared for autumn, and we won't be slowing down the vaccination programme during the summer holiday or in September."

There are still doubts about how long immunity is maintained after vaccination and the repeat vaccination system should be adapted depending on whether immunity holds "for half a year or a year," Mr Kuczmierowski went on to say.