Poland's KGHM ranked world's largest silver producing company in 2020

Last year, Poland's copper and silver conglomerate KGHM was the largest silver producing company worldwide, the Kitco.com website has reported.

The ranking of the world's top ten largest silver mines was prepared by Kitco.com, a website that specialises in news on precious metals mining, and based on reported production in 2020. With 39.2 Moz (million ounces), which is equivalent to almost 913,000 kilograms of silver mined last year, the Polish company topped the list.

"We have the gold medal for silver production and this is very good news," Marcin Chludziński, KGHM CEO told PAP (Polish Press Agency).

Chludzinski added that despite unfavourable conditions related to the pandemic, the company has managed to improve production parameters.

KGHM Polska Miedź is one of the world's largest copper producers. It also produces other metals - not only silver, but also gold, molybdenum, rhenium, lead, sulphuric acid, copper sulphate, nickel sulphate and technical selenium.