Poland is Europe’s last hope to protect unborn life: Spanish MEP

The pressure to increase access to abortion is enormous in Brussels and the European Parliament is using this issue to interfere with state sovereignty, said Spanish MEP Margarita de la Pisa, adding that in this difficult situation, Poland is “Europe's last hope to protect the life of the unborn.”

An interview with a Spanish MEP and a member of the conservative VOX party was published on the rmx.news portal.

She stated that the matter was more and more difficult to discuss in the European Parliament in a fair manner, and the pressure from pro-abortion groups and politicians has been increasing.

According to the Spanish MEP, in this situation the position of the Polish government, which “does not bow to the pressure of Brussels,” is extremely important.

“In fact, thanks to the strong position of Poland resulting from the ruling of the Constitutional Court, it is a key country [in the dispute over abortion]. I would even say that Poland is the last hope we have in Europe,” said Margarita de la Pisa.

In her opinion, "if Poland had not maintained such a clear and firm position on abortion, no other country in Europe would have done it".

On October 22, last year, judges of the Polish Constitutional Court ruled that the provisions on eugenic abortion in the case of suspected fetal disease or fetal impairment are inconsistent with the constitutional law.