International Film Festival on Totalitarianisms "Echoes of Katyn” commences

Over 20 films from around the world showing the impact of totalitarian systems on nations and individuals will be presented online during the 2nd "Echoes of Katyn" International Film Festival on Totalitarianisms which commenced on April 15.

“It is the second „Echoes of Katyn” Film Festival because we want the echoes to reverberate even today,” said Jarosław Szarek, the President of the Institute of National Remembrance, adding that “instead of telling these stories only by ourselves, we’ve invited many foreign filmmakers, and we’re screening over twenty releases - from Russia, Latvia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia.”

This year over 20 films will be presented online.

“Since the interest in the event has been growing . . . the truth about Katyn, which even these days some people are trying to distort, has been reaching wider audiences every year,” said Mr Szarek.

“Preparing the Festival, we invite filmmakers from all over the world, and the very fact that over a hundred of them applied for the second edition, submitting feature films and documentaries, medium-length and short productions, is a clear sign that the topic of totalitarian ideologies is still alive, and that it gets on the artists’ and filmmakers’ emotions, provoking them to put it into their films and then discuss these films,” said Director Adam Hlebowicz.

In addition to film screenings, IPN invites viewers to watch debates with the participation of directors, producers, historians and people of culture and art.

The 2nd International Film Festival on Totalitarianisms "Echoes of Katyn'' will last until April 18. The films can be watched for free after prior registration at