Risk of a new Russian invasion of Ukraine ‘low or medium’: US General

Gen. Tod Wolters, commander of US troops in Europe, told Congress that he assessed the risk of a further Russian invasion of Ukraine as "low to moderate" in the next two weeks. He admitted, however, that Russia had concentrated large forces around the borders with Ukraine.

"There is a very large number of ground forces there, also a large number of air forces and a significant number of naval forces," said the US general. "This worries us a lot. We are on high alert," he added.

The General also noted that the activity on the supply lines of forces concentrated around Ukraine has recently weakened. "Given the trend we are seeing now, the likelihood of [invasion] will start to decline soon," said Wolters.

In early April, the American media reported that, due to the concentration of Russian troops, the US command in Europe raised the alert regarding the threat in Ukraine to the highest level. The classification was changed from "possible crisis" to "potential coming crisis".