National Museum in Kraków presents new exhibition despite COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown, many museums, among others, the National Museum in Kraków, underwent renovations and made exhibition changes.

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One section will be dedicated to the work of Stanisław Wyspiański, and the largest investment will be the creation of a Museum of Architecture and Design in the former Hotel Cracovia building.

Professor Piotr Gliński, a deputy PM and Culture, National Heritage and Sports Minister emphasised that “These are really unique pieces, presented in a wonderful way. You want to show them to the public right away.”

He added that the National Museum in Kraków “is a great interactive museum, very modern with many innovative activities”.Such development trends for museums mean that interest in cultural institutions is growing.

Prof. Andrzej Szczerski from the National Museum in Kraków highlighted that “completely new museums are being opened, that had not been present in Poland before. On the other hand, we see that with the development of the country, the public is better prepared, has more free time and money to spend ontime in cultural institutions.”

“Monuments are an emissary of the past, of diversity. They enrich today’s boring world. They are the last witnesses of true, authentic humanism,” Daniel Echaust, a city guide, summarised the importance of historical keepsakes.

Within the last five years, Poland has allocated EUR 140 mln towards preserving monuments.

April 19 is the International Day For Monuments and Sites.