Polish province with the lowest unemployment in the EU: Eurostat

New figures released by Eurostat, a European Union office responsible for providing statistical information to Union institutions, show that the Wielkopolskie province in Western Poland had the EU’s lowest unemployment rate in 2020.

Despite the blow dealt to the economy by the COVID-19 pandemic, most Polish provinces had an unemployment rate below 3.6 percent. The information was released by Eurostat on Wednesday, April 28. According to the figures, the Wielkopolska province can boast about having had the lowest unemployment rate in the EU during the past year.

The unemployment rate of 1.8 percent places the region just ahead of two Czech provinces, those of central and south-western Bohemia, which had an unemployment rate 1.9 percent and 2 percent respectively.

The Polish Lubuskie province came in fourth place, with an unemployment rate standing at 2.2 percent.

The worst result out of the EU’s 240 provinces was recorded in Mayotte, a French Overseas Department located near Madagascar, which had an unemployment rate standing at 27.8 percent in 2020.

The Spanish enclaves in North Africa - Ceuta (24.5 percent) and Melilla (23.7 percent) also recorded poor results, as did two other Spanish regions - the Canary Islands (22.6 percent) and Andalusia (22.3 percent).

Of the 229 EU provinces which have made their data available, 52 recorded unemployment rates of 3.6 percent or less. 13 of them are located in Poland, 12 in Germany, 7 in the Czech Republic, 6 in the Netherlands, 4 in Hungary, 3 each in Austria and Belgium, 2 in Bulgaria, and 1 each in Romania and Slovakia.The figures can be compared to the EU average which stands at 7.1 percent.

In contrast, 27 provinces had an unemployment rate of at least 14.2 percent, twice the EU average: 11 of them are located in Greece, 9 in Spain, 4 in France and 3 in Italy.

Poland also performs well in Eurostat statistics for the country as a whole. It claims first place for the lowest unemployment rate in the EU in February 2021, standing at 3.1 percent. The Czech Republic comes second with 3.2 percent and the Netherlands third with 3.6 percent. The EU average in February 2021 stood at 7.5 percent.