Banks of Poland, Lithuania issue coins commemorating Constitution of 3rd May

As part of the celebration of the 230th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of 3 May and the Mutual Guarantee of Both Nations, on Wednesday, the Bank of Lithuania and the National Bank of Poland issued three collector coins in denominations of EUR 20 (in Lithuania), as well as PLN 100 and PLN 50 (in Poland).

Polish, Lithuanian MPs to mark 230th anniversary of Constitution of 3rd May

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“Collector coins issued jointly by the Bank of Lithuania and the Polish National Bank (...) are another proof of the fruitful cooperation of both institutions,” Barbara Jaroszek, director of the Issuance and Treasury Department of the Polish National Bank said.

A silver coin with a denomination of EUR 20 has been issued in Lithuania, with a circulation of 2.500 coins. A gold coin has been released in Poland with a denomination of PLN 100 with 1.200 coins in circulation and a silver coin with a denomination of PLN 50 with 6.000 coins in circulation.

Lithuanian historian prof. Alfredas Bumblauskas pointed out that the Constitution of 3rd May “is the first political and legal document in history to be published in Lithuanian.” He added that “previously, we only had texts on religious and literary topics.”

The Constitution of 3rd May, was the first of its kind in Europe and the second in the world. The Mutual Assertion of Two Nations, adopted on October 20, 1791, introduced a proportional participation of Lithuanians and Poles in the governance structures of the future unitary state.

The year 2021 in Lithuania is the Year of the Constitution and the Mutual Guarantee of Both Nations, and in Poland the year of the Constitution of 3rd May.