Pole first to climb up and ski down Pakistani mountain Yawash Sar II

Photo: Instagram/AndrzejBargiel

Andrzej Bargiel climbed the 6,178-metre-high (20,269 ft) Yawash Sar II mountain (in Pakistan) and then skied off the peak. No one in history has done such a trick before.

Polish mountaineer first to ski down K2

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Bargiel became the first man to leave traces of not only boots but also skis on the top. Everything went according to plan. The Pole left the camp around 4 a.m. local time and went on a 10-kilometer climb. After seven hours, he managed to climb to the top of a previously unconquered mountain, and then ski down it. The Pole has already reached the camp safely.

The purpose of the KARAKORAM SKI EXPEDITION expedition was to ascend two six-thousanders and ski down them. Yawash Sar II was a success, now Bargiel will take on Laila Peak (6,096 m [20,000 ft] above sea level) located in the Hushe Valley, with an exceptionally characteristic shape, considered one of the most beautiful peaks in the world.

“On the way to Yawash Sar II, we cross the pass, which lies at an altitude of about 5000 m, which gives us a better, calmer acclimatisation. The trek to the base camp to this summit takes three or four days, and we would reach Laila Peak very quickly, which would be disadvantageous from the point of view of acclimatisation,” Bargiel said before the trip.

“It seems to me that these peaks are similar, the difficulty will be comparable - both climbing and skiing. We will be accompanied by the spirit of exploration, which is what I appreciate in the mountains. The choice for the first of the peaks was made after talks with Janusz Majer, a person who has enormous, priceless topographic and mountain knowledge. It's great that you can still find such mountains. Laila is a spectacular and soaring peak,” he said.