Moody's confirms Poland's credit rating at A2 with stable outlook

The bond credit rating agency Moody's has confirmed Poland's rating at A2 with stable outlook, after deeming that the country’s economic growth and fiscal outlook remain favourable.

The company, considered one of the Big Three credit rating agencies along with Standard & Poor's and Fitch, argues that Poland’s economic resilience is one of its key credit strengths and points to the fact that the country only suffered a very moderate recession during the pandemic compared to its peers.

Moody's upheld its forecasts from early April, envisaging that the Polish economy will expand by 3.3 percent this year and by 4.8 percent in 2022.

Commenting on Moody's latest rating, Poland’s Finance Minister Tadeusz Kościński told the Polish Press Agency (PAP) that Moody's decision to affirm Poland's rating is "proof that the government is pursuing responsible economic and fiscal policies."

Moody’s ranks the creditworthiness of borrowers using a standardised ratings scale which measures expected investor loss in the event of default.

In its ratings system, securities are assigned a rating from Aaa to C, with Aaa being the highest quality and C the lowest quality.