Polish soldiers leave Afghanistan according to plan

“Polish soldiers are pulling out of Afghanistan in line with the guidelines of the staff of the Resolute Support mission,” Armed Forces Branches Operational Commander General Tomasz Piotrowski told Polish radio as NATO commences the withdrawal operation from the country.

The two-decades-long mission draws to an end but it is worth recalling that at its apex, NATO troops in Afghanistan numbered as many as 100,000 boots, mainly of American units. Meanwhile, several thousands of Polish troops moved through the Afghan soil over the course of the mission.

General Tomasz Piotrowski said that the planned pullout of the Polish soldiers was being continuously adjusted to the plans of the chief commander of Resolute Support in terms of transportation, safety and logistics.

“A draft of the [withdrawal] plan has already been prepared,” the general said.

The NATO forces pullout from Afghanistan is scheduled to conclude on September 11 on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on WTC in NYC and on the Pentagon in Washington DC — the events that compelled the Alliance to military intervention in Afghanistan.

Although the West is discontinuing its military presence in Afghanistan, it will, regardless, continue to finance the Afghan army and police. The West will also try to persuade the Taliban and the Kabul government to advance peace talks.