PMs Morawiecki and Šimonytė sign Polish Culture House brief of foundation

PM Mateusz Morawiecki and his Lithuanian counterpart Ingrid Šimonytė signed the brief of foundation that will see the redevelopment of the Polish Culture House, which is also where Poland’s public broadcaster TVP will locate its Vilnius channel’s HQs.

“Now we understand the challenges of the future much better than we did in the past. We are searching for the common denominator wherever possible and we are more and more successful in this pursuit,” the PM said in Vilnius, adding that “our success is pronounced to such a high degree that it befits me to say that in the very long duration of the common history of our various political, social and economic relations there has not been such an excellent period as the one we find ourselves in today.”

“As excellent as the period is, it, nonetheless, abounds in challenges, pitfalls that continue to surround and threaten us, pitfalls related to the dangerous politics of our gargantuan neighbour in the East,” Mr Morawiecki stressed.

The PM went on to emphasise that this politics “we must fend it off with a proper informational narrative and it is to that appropriate narrative that TVP Wilno will contribute, whose task is also to enhance the good Polish-Lithuanian relations.”