Polish flag measuring 640 square metres hoisted

On Polish Flag Day, a 640-square-meter Polish flag was hoisted at the Świnoujście lighthouse. It is large enough to be visible from a distance of more than a dozen kilometers.

Piotr Piwowarczyk, the Head of the Świnoujście Tourist Organisation, announced on Sunday that one of the world’s largest national flags has been hoisted in the city to celebrate Polish Flag Day.

He stated that strong wind is the biggest problem when hoisting a flag of that size but that weather conditions were fortunately good during the procedure. The flag hoisted on the lighthouse measures 640 square meters.

The first red-and-white flag was hung on the lighthouse in Świnoujście by a Polish lighthouse keeper in 1947 after taking control of the building from the local Soviet garrison.

The flag was then meant to deter looters and symbolise the presence of the Polish maritime administration on the western coast of the Baltic Sea."

The Świnoujście lighthouse is the tallest brick lighthouse in the world. Built in 1857, with a total height of 68 meters.