High school final exams commence in Poland

271,000 of this year's high school graduates will write their final exams, called Matura in Polish. On Tuesday, they will write a Polish language exam which is one of the mandatory subjects to take.Those who failed in previous years or want to improve their result will also take their final exams.

The examination will start at 9.00 am and take place in a sanitary regime. Graduates will have to come to the exam wearing a mask, and disinfection of hands will also be obligatory.

Przemysław Czarnek, the Minister of Education and Science, announced that the exams this year will be easier. “Only the written exams at the basic level are compulsory. The oral part is only for people who need the result for the recruitment process to universities abroad,” he said.

At the basic level, high school graduates will have to pass exams in Polish, mathematics and a foreign language. Marcin Smolik, director of the Central Examination Board (CKE), said that this year there is no obligation to take an additional subject, but most high school graduates decided to take it anyway.

“Most often, as in previous years, high school graduates chose English language as an additional subject. Almost 60 percent of high school graduates did so. Other popular subjects include mathematics, Polish, geography and biology,” said the director of the CKE.

On Tuesday, high school students will have 170 minutes to solve the test, which includes multiple choice questions and open questions. They will also be asked to write an essay.