Lower House to vote on National Reconstruction Plan

The government's draft law on the ratification of the EU budget's own resources will be on the agenda of the Tuesday’s sessions of the Polish Lower House of the Parliament, the Sejm. Major opposition alliance, the Civic Coalition (KO), demands the postponement of the session, while the Left, in turn, has announced its support for the government.

On Monday afternoon, the documents related to the National Reconstruction Plan (KPO) were officially submitted to the European Commission, already in the formal version, which closes the KPO submission process by Poland.

“The document is currently closed, which means it is not subject to verification. Therefore, the postponement of voting, decisions on this matter or ratification is unjustified, because on our initiative nothing in this document can be changed,” said Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Waldemar Buda.

A voting is scheduled to take place in the afternoon, after the two readings of the draft law.

The Civic Coalition demands the adjournment of Tuesday's Sejm session for 14 days. Cezary Tomczyk, the KO leader, motivates the motion with the need to "increase the transparency of the work of the Sejm and expand the knowledge of deputies on the final shape of the National Reconstruction Plan" during the vote on the draft act on the ratification of increasing the EU's own resources.

Parliament divided over National Reconstruction Plan ratification

After reaching an agreement with the government, the Left announced it would vote in favour of the ratification of KPO.

"We announced that we would support the Fund if our terms and suggestions are in the final version of the National Reconstruction Plan and the government sends it to Brussels," said Adrian Zandberg, one of the leaders of the Left, adding that his club would keep its word.

“After confirming that the European Commission has received the KPO with our demands included, we will support its ratification on Tuesday,” he stated.

The Civic Coalition parliamentary club has not yet decided how it will act during the vote in the Sejm. Votes among MPs are divided - the majority are inclined to abstain or to vote against the project.

The ruling United Right coalition itself is divided on ratification. One of the three parties forming the alliance, Solidarity Poland, is against it. Right-wing opposition party, the Confederation, declared their MPs would vote against the ratification of KPO. In turn, the head of the new power in the parliament, the Poland 2050 party, Michał Kobosko, said that there would be no discipline in that matter within the party, but judging from the talks he has held, all the party’s parliamentarians will vote in favour.

The National Reconstruction Plan (KPO), which is the basis for the payment of funds from the EU Reconstruction Fund, must be prepared by each Member State and sent to the European Commission. The programme has a grant and a loan part. Poland will have around EUR 58 bn at its disposal from the Reconstruction Fund. This amount consists of EUR 23.9 bn in grants and EUR 34.2 bn in loans.