Polish public broadcaster correspondent in Moscow loses press accreditation

The Moscow correspondent of Polish public broadcaster TVP has been informed by the Russian Foreign Ministry that his journalist's accreditation and associated visa will not be renewed, in a move seen as a retort for Polish actions against a Russian journalist.

Tomasz Jędruchów was summoned to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs last week, where he was informed of the decision not to renew his accreditation, which expires in September this year. He has worked as TVP's Moscow correspondent since 2016.

In March, Russian journalist Yevgheni Reshitnov was put on the list of persona non grata in Poland at the request of the Military Counterintelligence Service (SKW). According to SKW materials, he had gathered information used for Russian activities against Poland, including disinformation.

Reshitnov was banned from entering Poland for five years and from entering the Schengen Area for three years. He is not a permanent correspondent and was last in Poland in January 2020.