COVID-19: Fourth wave possible: Health Minister

There is a risk and the threat of new mutations. They can contribute to the next wave. The main task now is to build an effective mechanism for tracking COVID-19 mutations, Adam Niedzielski, Poland’s Health Minister told a press conference on Tuesday.

“We are recording a 30-40 percent drop in the number of cases from week to week, so we wanted to carry out scheduled medical procedures as soon as possible to restore normality in the healthcare system step by step,“ Mr Niedzielski said, adding that they have been resumed since Tuesday.

He also stressed that it is therefore necessary to reduce the number of hospital beds dedicated to COVID-19 patients.

“We've decided to significantly reduce the infrastructure dedicated to fighting COVID-19 and bring it back to a normal healthcare system,“ he said.

The Minister also announced that two outbreaks of the Indian COVID-19 mutation were recorded in Poland in the Mazowieckie and Śląskie provinces in central-east and southern Poland, respectively.

“We will want to change the border crossing procedures for those countries where the most dangerous mutations occur. Therefore, all arrivals from Brazil, India and South Africa will be automatically quarantined without the possibility of exemption due to a test performed within 48 hours after crossing the border,“ Mr Niedzielski announced.

He stressed that only after seven days they would be able to perform the test to be potentially released from a quarantine.