Matura exams proceed as planned, leak reports to be investigated: official

Photo: PAP/Marcin Bielecki

“We are in the process of preparing a notification of leaks from the matura exam. Tomorrow we will report to the police,” Marcin Smolik, director of the Central Examination commision (CKE) said after reports about the leaks of the topics of the essay, one of the tasks for the students taking part in the exam.

High school final exams commence in Poland

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Matura exams commenced at 9am. Around. 271,000 graduates of secondary schools and technical secondary schools took an obligatory written Polish language exam. The written examination session will last until May 20. The oral exam session will start on May 19 and will last until May 21.

"We received several identical notifications to our email inbox:with scans from Google Trends, which show that today after 7.30 am the phrase “ambitions, Lalka”, i.e. key words from one of the essays, was searched," explained the CKE director. “On the basis of this information, it is difficult to say whether there was a leak or not. We have doubts, so we refer the matter to the police for clarification,” the director said.

“Lalka” (a doll), a 19th-century book by Bolesław Prus is very often a topic of a Polish language matura exam.

Mr Smolik assured that the exams were proceeding as planned. The exams were also not disturbed by email reports about the alleged planting of explosives in several schools.

The CKE director indicated that the exams are taking place in accordance with the sanitary regime. “The rules were developed by the CKE together with the Ministry of Education and approved by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GiS). They do not differ significantly from those that were in force last year and from the guidelines that were in force when conducting vocational exams in January and February this year,” Mr Smolik said.