World-changing inventions deviced by Poles

New inventions are made every day, many of them were devised by Poles such as pianist Józef Hofmann, Jan Czochralski the father of electronics, Ignacy Łukasiewicz father of the oil industry and more.

Nowadays nobody can imagine a car without windshield wipers. Behind this revolutionary invention stands a Polish pianist, Józef Hofmann. “Once upon a time, while playing and using a tachometer, a device that measures time, he noticed that part of the tachometer swung left to right and came up with the idea of wipers,” dr Tomasz Rożek, a science populariser and YouTuber commented.

Józef Hofmann has over 60 innovative solutions to his credit. We owe him shock absorbers and a paper clip – invented after the wind blew his notes away while he played by the open window. Polish inventions surround us from every side.

Another Polish inventor Jan Czochralski obtained a metal rod which was a single crystal. What made this wire stand out? “From one end to the other end it is exactly the same throughout its length and width,” Prof. Paweł E. Tomaszewski from the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) said.

The extraction method, which was developed by the Pole, gave great opportunities, for example in the production of integrated circuits, used in radios, refrigerators, telephones and more.

Ignacy Łukasiewicz is considered as “the father of the oil industry.” “A man to whom we owe that the world entered a new era, the era of oil extraction and processing, the era of petrochemistry,” Barbara Olejarz, the Director of Petroleum Industry Museum in Bóbrka, south-east Poland said .

One kerosene lamp invented by Mr Łukasiewicz gave light equal to a dozen or so candles. In order to be able to use it, one had to obtain kerosene. And it was a breakthrough. The Pole developed a method of extraction and established the world's first oil mine.

A bulletproof vest is also a Polish invention. It was established at the end of the 19th century by Kazimierz Żeglenia and Jan Szczepanik. They tested the invention on themselves to show its effectiveness.

The mine detector created by Józef Kosacki and Andrzej Garboś had a huge impact on the fate of the world. The device was used for the first time in 1942 and contributed to many Allied victories.