Wanted: Court is looking for 124-year-old man to declare him dead

The court is looking for a 124-year-old man who went missing during World War II. The family asked the court to officially declare him dead.

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Józef Dybała was born on January 23, 1897 in the town of Łojewo (central Poland). The family has had no contact with him since WWII. “After the outbreak of WWII, Józef Dybała, an officer of the State Police, was interned by the Soviet authorities. His last written message to his family was dated December 23, 1940 and most likely came from Moscow,” the court declared.

The case took a legal turn because the family of the man who disappeared in 1940 asked the court to declare him dead. Despite the probability bordering on certainty that Józef Dybała, even if he survived, died naturally, is not a sufficient condition by law for him to be considered dead. Accordingly, the court in an official letter summons the 124-year-old to appear.

If Józef Dybała does not come to court after three months, he will be formally declared dead.