Police seize over 150 kg of cannabis

Photo: CBŚP, KAS

Over 150 kg of cannabis with a wholesale value of nearly PLN 2 million (EUR 400,000) was seized by officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBŚP) and the National Revenue Administration (KAS) during a joint action. The drugs were hidden in a special compartment in a truck that officially was bringing a shipment of cauliflowers to Poland.

The drugs came from Spain, which is considered the main source of cannabis production in Europe. For years, Polish criminal groups have also been buying supplies there. They organise special distribution centers in Spain, where drugs are hidden in the shipments of fruit and vegetables from the Iberian Peninsula. During one shipment, from 100 to 200 kg of cannabis can be sent to Poland.

Interestingly, during the pandemic, investigators noted that the demand for cannabis and its production and trafficking significantly increased.

Recently, one of the transports was taken over by officers of the Łódź management board of CBŚP and the Lower Silesian National Revenue Administration. They determined that a large shipment of cannabis was to come to Poland.

The officers stopped a lorry officially transporting 16 tons of cauliflowers for inspection. After scanning the vehicle with a special mobile X-ray device, it turned out that there was a special compartment in the floor of the trailer. A trained police dog quickly detected drugs on the lorry. It turned out that 154 kg of cannabis was hidden in vacuum-packed foil bags. In wholesale, this amount of the drug is worth about PLN 2 million (EUR 400,000).

At the request of the prosecutor of the Łódź Branch of the Department for Organised Crime and Corruption at the National Public Prosecutor's Office, two drivers and the owner of a transport company were arrested on charges of "participating in an organised criminal group and smuggling large amounts of intoxicants". They face up to 15 years in prison.