Warmia bonnet added to National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage

The ability to create a traditional Warmia bonnet, an inseparable element of the women’s regional outfit, has been added to the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Ethnographers state that the decorative bonnet called a hard cap or braid was a festive headgear. Its hard skullcap was ordered from the nuns of Katarzyna. Over the years, caps embroidered by the housewives have appeared. They had the same cut, but the lace was crocheted and the bottom was embroidered in colours.

According to episcopal ordinances, from 1694, only married women were allowed to wear a bonnet, but in practice, that rule was not strictly abided by. The only difference was that the maiden caps had narrower ribbons on the sides than the caps of wives.

The time of making the bonnet depends on the pattern. The more intricate the embroidery, the longer it takes to make. The simpler one requires about 100 hours of work, while sewing takes twice as long.