EUR 2.56 mln for Polish-Lithuanian research projects

The National Science Centre (NCN) has announced the results of the second edition of the DAINA competition. Almost PLN 11.7 million (EUR 2.56 million) will be provided to 11 Polish-Lithuanian teams for the implementation of research projects.

Laureates representing the humanities, social and art sciences will examine, among others, mobility, migration and the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of emergency management in Lithuania and Poland.

Representatives of life sciences will examine, among others manipulation of drug resistance in cancer cells through nanosecond, asymmetric pulse sequences.

Among the projects in the field of exact and technical sciences listed in the ranking list, there are, among others, research on the impact of long-distance transport and biomass combustion emissions on local smog in urban environments.

A total of 133 applications were submitted to the DAINA 2 competition for a total amount of over PLN 113 million (EUR 24.7 million).

Polish-Lithuanian research teams carrying out research in any scientific disciplines included in the NCN panel list could apply for funding in the DAINA 2 competition. Projects had to be planned for 24 or 36 months, and a person with at least a doctoral degree could become the head of the Polish team.

The DAINA competition is organised by the NCN in cooperation with the Research Council of Lithuania (LMT). The competition’s first edition took place in 2017 and met with considerable interest in the scientific community. The funds granted at that time enabled the implementation of 16 joint Polish-Lithuanian research projects.

The ranking lists of the DAINA 2 competition are available on the website of the National Science Centre.