COVID-19: Poland has around 50 pct population immunity: HM

Poland's Minister of Health said on Thursday that the country is in the vicinity of 50 percent population immunity to COVID-19. He also stated that in the next two months, Poland would achieve the target of 20 million vaccinated people.

"We are constantly conducting research on the so-called seroprevalence, i.e. how many people in our society already have antibodies and have simply developed natural immunity. These studies are carried out on increasingly larger samples, and they are slowly becoming representative,” the Minister announced.

“At the moment… this is around 50 percent of people. Of course, this group includes people who are vaccinated and people who have already been ill," Adam Niedzielski told the local branch of Poland’s public broadcaster TVP.

Mr Niedzielski thinks that in the next two months, Poland will achieve the target of 20 million vaccinated people, as set by Prime Minister Morawiecki, and then should be able to reach the threshold of 60-70 percent of the population's immunity.

He also noted that even the increasing movement of people or the increase in some social interactions does not necessarily create as high a risk of getting sick as the emergence of a new mutation.