Record-breaking cigarette smuggle foiled by Border Guard

Officers of the Border Guard and the National Revenue Administration (KAS) foiled the smuggling of nearly 2.5 million packs of cigarettes, with an estimated value of almost PLN 37 million (EUR 8.09 mln) at the railway transshipment terminal in the Terespol municipality, eastern Poland, which entered the country from Belarus in three containers.

“This was the largest cigarette smuggling ever intercepted by the Border Guard and the National Revenue Administration,” the two services announced on Friday in a joint statement.

The services received information that there may be significant amounts of smuggled cigarettes at the transhipment terminal located near the border with Belarus. When checking three selected containers, which had entered Poland by train from Belarus and were to contain a load of vermiculite (a mineral used, for example, in gardening) and heating elements, it turned out that they were filled with cigarettes. In total, nearly 2.5 million packs of cigarettes without Polish excise stamps, worth approximately PLN 37 million (EUR 8.09 mln), were secured.

“If the illegal goods were sold domestically, the State Treasury would lose over PLN 60 million (EUR 13.13 mln),” the services said in a press release. The investigation, in this case, is being carried out under the supervision of the District Prosecutor's Office in Biała Podlaska, south-east Poland. No one has been charged so far.