I expect Left to be consistent and support Reconstruction Plan in Senate: official

“Our agreement concerns the support for and ratification of the decision on the EU’s own resources, so yes, I expect [from the Left] a consistent vote in the Senate,” Radosław Fogiel, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party vice-spokesman told Polish Radio.

“I expect a consistent vote from the Left in the Senate and if the bill returns to the Sejm, because the Senate will decide to introduce some constitutionally questionable amendments to it, I expect another consistent vote in the Sejm,” emphasised the PiS vice-spokesperson in the interview with the Polish Radio regarding the upcoming voting in the parliament’s Upper House, the Senate, on the National Reconstruction Plan (KPO).

“As PiS, we presented our position and we stick to it, we do not change our opinion. The most important thing is that the ratification of the act on the EU's own resources has been accepted by the majority in the Sejm and thanks to this, it will be possible to launch financial instruments that will provide Poland with PLN 770 billion (EUR 168.35 billion),” he said.

He said that despite the differences of opinion within the ruling coalition, it is still possible for all its member parties to work together.

“The leaders of the United Right (ZP) regularly speak with each other. The most important thing is that all the groups that make up the coalition keep the declaration, which has recently been made clear, that they want to cooperate, implement the programme together, work hard on new laws, changes, reforms, and not just take care of themselves,” he pointed out.