COVID-19: 2,167 new cases in Poland

On Sunday, the Health Ministry announced 2,167 new confirmed COVID-19 infections in Poland, increasing the total number of cases recorded in the country to 2,854,079 including 181,441 still active. The number of active cases decreased from 184,667 yesterday.

The ministry also announced 55 new fatalities, of which 21 were due to COVID-19 alone and 34 from COVID-19 and concurrent diseases. The death toll in Poland went up to 71,664.

Photo: Poland IN

According to the ministry, 107,596 people are quarantined and 2,600,974 people have recovered from COVID-19 in the country so far. As it stands, there are still 181,441 active cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in Poland.

A total of 15,776,030 people have been vaccinated so far, including 11,490,114 with the first dose and 4,535,597 with the second dose or with the J&J vaccine.

The number of occupied ventilators amounts to 1,589 out of 3,341 available.

Photo: Poland IN

As of Sunday morning, as many as 163,215,601 coronavirus cases, 3,384,698 deaths and 141,543,295 recoveries have been confirmed worldwide.

The US remains the country with the largest number of confirmed coronavirus cases, amounting to 33,695,916, India has the second most with 24,684,077 cases and Brazil third with 15,590,613.