Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński 40th death anniversary commemoration

40 years ago, on May 28, 1981, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński died. He was not only an outstanding spiritual leader, but also a statesman, moral authority and co-creator of social changes that led to the fall of communism in Poland. Many called him the Primate of the millenium.

The lower house of the parliament, in honor of the great figure of Cardinal Wyszyński and his great importance for building a free and independent Poland, made him one of the patrons of 2021.

The beatification ceremony of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński will take place on September 12. The event was supposed to happen in May 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic caused the celebration to be postponed.

In 1965, Cardinal Wyszyński was also one of the initiators of Polish-German reconciliation. Helping to draft a message from Polish and German bishops. “We grant forgiveness and we ask for your forgiveness," the message stated.

In view of the tense political and social situation, Primate Wyszyński made efforts to alleviate conflicts between the government and the opposition. In the years 1980 - 1981 he acted as an intermediary in negotiations between the authorities and "Solidarity".

He died as a result of an aggressive cancer disease.