Draft law on reconstruction of Saxon Palace should be ready this month: official

“A team that will prepare a draft law on the reconstruction of the Saxon Palace in Warsaw will form in the Presidential Palace,” Błażej Spychalski, the presidential spokesman said. “The draft should be completed by the end of June,” he added.

During the presentation of the Polish Order in May, Jarosław Kaczyński mentioned the government's intention to rebuild the Saxon Palace, as well as constructing a new building for the Royal Opera in Warsaw.

The presidential spokesman, Mr Spychalski said that the president would be involved in the plans to rebuild the Saxon Palace, as he committed to it in 2018.

The Saxon Palace was exceptionally recognisable as a Polish cultural monument. German forces blew up the Palace during World War II as punishment for the Warsaw Uprising in which Poles valiantly fought the German-Nazi forces to retake Warsaw.