Three medals for Poles on last day of European Canoeing Championships

On the last day of the European Canoeing Championships in Poznań Dorota Borowska won the gold medal in the C1 200m race, Arsen Śliwiński and Michał Łubniewski took silver in the C2 200m race and Dominika Putto and Katarzyna Kołodziejczyk took the silver in the K2 200m race.

“It's a beautiful feeling. I waited a long time for this success, two years ago I failed, a year ago there was no competition. Is it my greatest success? Not really, I value the bronze medal of the 2018 World Championship higher. I had this race under control, we have been working hard recently on the race start, which was not great during the World Cup in Szeged,” Dorota Borowska said.

She added that her peak form is to come in two months, at the Tokyo Olympics. “For sure I still have energy reserves. During the Olympics, Americans, Chinese and Canadian women will compete, but I intend to fight for the gold medal,” Ms Śliwińska emphasised.

Traditionally, the female group won the most medals for Poland. On Friday, Sandra Ostrowska and Martyna Klatt took third place in the K2 1000m race, a day later Anna Puławska and Karolina Naja in K2 500m race finished second, and Marta Walczykiewicz was third in the 200m distance.

Also Arsen Śliwiński and Michał Łubniewski once again confirmed that they are among the world's best in the C2 200m race where they ended up in second.