Chemicals giant to build rare-earth refining plant in eastern Poland

Polish chemicals giant Grupa Azoty Puławy and the Canadian company Mkango Resources have signed a land lease agreement, on which the Rare-Earth Refining Plant will be built as a part of the Puławy facility in eastern Poland.

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According to Grupa Azoty, the plant will receive purified rare earth concentrate from the Songwe Hill Rare Earths mine in Malawi and from other potential sources. On site, it will be processed using nitric acid technology.

The products of refining will be neodymium and praseodymium oxides, as well as an enriched concentrate of heavy rare earth metals and lanthanum and cerium compounds.

Rare-earth elements are used in, for example, the automotive, telecommunications, defence, metallurgy and renewable energy industries.

They are used in the production of car catalysts, permanent magnets for electric motors, wind turbines or optical filters, liquid crystal displays and lasers. Rare-earth elements compose, among other things, polishing powders, fertilisers, dyes and phosphors.