Fewer Poles seek temporary jobs in the Netherlands

Despite the high demand for Polish seasonal workers in the Netherlands, fewer and fewer Poles are choosing to work there. According to the Dutch research company Decisio, this is mainly due to the Polish economy’s good results.

“The dynamic growth of the Polish economy means that temporary employment agencies in the Netherlands have fewer and fewer employees from Poland,” Suzanne Steegman, analyst at the research agency Decisio said. She pointed out that this trend can be seen almost everywhere in the Netherlands.

The lower interest of Poles in temporary jobs does not translate into a decrease in economic migration to the Netherlands. According to a study from 2020 done by the Work Service company, 28 percent of respondents considering economic migration would choose the country.

According to the Dutch Statistical Office (CBS), over 900,000 people working in the Netherlands in 2019 were labour migrants. More than half of them came from countries from the former Soviet Bloc.

“The number of Poles in the Netherlands has been systematically growing over the years after 2007. The dynamic of growth has not been so high in recent years, but the annual increase in the number of registered Poles amounts to approximately 10,000 - 12,000 people,” Renata Kowalska, the General consul of the Republic of Poland in Hague said.

The Dutch are getting older, so companies are increasingly looking for employees abroad. “The Polish economy is doing well, but people from poorer regions can still save a lot from a Dutch salary, even if it is low,” Jan Latten, demographer at the University of Amsterdam said.