Foreigners are lifting Polish economy out of crisis: report

Nearly 800,000 foreigners currently work legally in Poland. That’s about 127,000 more than before the COVID-19 pandemic, “Rzeczpospolita” daily reported on Thursday.

Almost half-a-million foreigners hold Polish residence permits

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The newspaper wrote that the vast majority of foreigners are Ukrainians who come to Poland for short periods as part of a simplified declaration procedure. The number of foreigners registered with ZUS for social insurance at the end of May 2021 was 797,000 people, which is 127,000 more than before the outbreak.

“It is worth noting that at the same time, the total number of people registered in the Polish social insurance system increased by 124,000. It follows that this increase coincides with the increase in the number of foreigners employed. At the same time, the number of contribution payers registered with ZUS [Social Insurance Office] for insurance increased health, which at the end of May exceeded 2.82 mln entities, which are currently 110,000 more than before the outbreak of the pandemic, “Rzeczpospolita” remarked.

Deputy Minister of Development, Labour and Technology, Iwona Michałek, pointed out that despite such a large number of labour migration, the deficit of employees occurs in an increasing number of industries.

“In construction, trade or catering, we also lack truck drivers. Recently, we have noticed a growing demand for employees with high qualifications in health care and IT. That is why we have started work at the ministry on new solutions in the regulations regarding the employment of foreigners. We want to write a separate act on the employment of foreigners and exclude these provisions from the Act on the Promotion of Employment and Labour Market Institutions, in which they are currently located,” the deputy minister told “Rzeczpospolita.”

She added that the government would strongly reform labour offices and streamline procedures so as to speed up the processing of applications for work permits for foreigners.