COVID-19: Health Minister recommends still wearing masks indoors

Adam Niedzielski, the Polish Health Minister, has recommended that rules requiring the wearing of face masks in indoor public spaces should be maintained until the end of summer holidays.

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Commenting on the rules in an interview for the commercial radio broadcaster RMF FM on Thursday, Adam Niedzieski said “the standard should be maintained.”

Poles have to wear masks indoors in public spaces as well as on public transport, but the requirement has been lifted for all open-air spaces.

Mr Niedzielski also said the Polish regulations are “very liberal.”

“Perhaps from our personal point of view it seems uncomfortable to have to wear masks in enclosed public spaces, but please believe me that in Europe ... for example in Portugal and Spain, the rules also cover outdoor spaces,” he said.

Mr Niedzielski recommended not to take off the obligation of masks in certain situations until the end of the holidays.

Covering the mouth and nose in confined spaces is now compulsory nationwide and can only be done with masks. Scarves and visors are not allowed.

Masks should be worn, among others on the bus, tram and train, in a shop, shopping mall, bank, market and post office, at the workplace during direct customer or customer service; in the cinema and theatre; at the doctor’s, clinic, hospital, massage and tattoo parlour; in the church and in offices.

Masks do not have to be worn in open air and while travelling by private car or motorbike.

Only persons with a medical certificate or a document confirming, inter alia, pervasive development disorder or moderate, severe or profound intellectual disability are excused from wearing the mask.