Polish economy needs foreign workers: official

"We want to reduce the short-term circulation of foreign workers in favour of medium-term and permanent residence in Poland," Iwona Michałek, the deputy Minister of Development, Labor and Technology, said in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita” daily.

"The Polish economy now requires constant replenishment of the supply of foreign workers," she said, adding that "we receive information practically every day from entrepreneurs who are satisfied with the work of foreigners and would like to be able to employ them for longer than now."

"We will strongly reform employment offices and streamline procedures to speed up the processing of applications for work permits for people from abroad," she announced.

Ms Michałek pointed out that after the planned changes, "an employer hiring a foreigner will have access to a special account from which he will be able to manage all issues related to access to the labour market."

"We are also preparing a small act on the electronic conclusion and termination of employment contracts. These regulations are intended to help farmers, households, but also micro-enterprises to organise occasional employment without unnecessary formalities," she also announced.