Almost 18 pct of companies plan investments in next three months: study

“The number of companies that plan to invest in their development in the near future is growing,” the authors of the National Debt Register’s study “KoronaBilans MŚP” emphasised.

17.6 percent of surveyed entrepreneurs intend to carry out investments in their own development. Medium-sized enterprises (36.7 percent) and companies from the manufacturing sector (25.5 percent) are most willing to invest their funds. The least willing to do so are microenterprises (81 percent of negative responses) and representatives of the construction industry (78.6 percent).

More than half of the companies who plan investments intend to buy equipment or machines in the next three months. New equipment is most likely to be acquired by small entrepreneurs (68 percent) and the manufacturing sector (71.4 percent).

"The investment plans of companies are a response to the improving economic situation and economic recovery resulting from the easing of restrictions and an effect of anti-crisis shields that provided companies with the means needed to survive", assessed Jakub Kostecki, president of Kaczmarski Inkasso, a company cooperating with KRD. According to him, the planned investments will require more expenditure, because "some of these funds are frozen in unpaid invoices and bills".

The study also shows that the percentage of companies open to employing new staff increased by over 7 percentage points from 14.7 percent in February to 22 percent in May. 43 percent of medium-sized companies and 46.4 percent of companies in the construction industry plan to recruit employees. However, 71.2 percent of companies who intend to increase staff, would do it by no more than 10 percent.

In turn, 8 percent of employers are considering layoffs. Most often (41.7 percent) the reductions are to reach 10 percent of the staff at most. However, almost 17 percent of companies who are planning reductions in employment want to lay off more than half of their team.

The study was conducted in April and May 2021. It covered a group of 301 companies from the SME sector, including: micro (employing 3-9 people), small (10-49) and medium-sized enterprises (50-249).