COVID-19: 60 pct of Poles have coronavirus antibodies, says Health Min

“60 percent of Poles have coronavirus antibodies, according to the data of the Ministry of Health,” Health Minister Adam Niedzielski told the Polish public broadcaster TVP.

“We monitor how many people in the population have antibodies. In this respect, we have about 60 percent of people with antibodies. A parameter of 70-80 percent was discussed in terms of herd immunity. So we are very close to this point,” said the Minister of Health.

“However, simply having antibodies does not equal immunity. Antibodies are the minimum requirement,” emphasised Adam Niedzielski.

The minister added that vaccinations also protect against emerging new coronavirus mutations.

When asked about the progress of the vaccination process, Mr Niedzielski pointed out that both vaccinations and recoveries from COVID-19 disease must be taken into account, because both of them cause the formation of antibodies.